Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, October 18

What a relief to have another warm sunny day. Not only could we tackle more washing this morning and have it hanging out by 9am but we picked loads of honey fungus and field mushrooms. We have sliced large numbers of them and they are now strung up like Christmas decorations to dry. Our once tidy house is beginning to look like a refugee camp with washing hanging everywhere and buckets of water waiting to be boiled or reused. But today was a good day with all of us cheerful because of the sun and all of us busy preparing food, splitting logs and bringing in more kindling.

Anna and Jane have been collecting acorns too. Apparently they can be dried and used to make a flour or coffee. It seems odd that one nut can be made into two such different things, but it seems a pity not to collect them while they are so thick on the ground this year and we may be glad of them later if our supplies run low. There are still plenty left for our pig as the oak trees have been heavy with acorns this year. The girls also picked up fir cones which have been falling steadily, and found a few more blackberries. We have quite a lot of fruit which will have to be eaten soon as I can’t spare enough sugar for bottling or to make jam.

The pork has been in salt long enough now, so I rinsed it properly in clean rain water. Both pieces are hanging up to smoke now. I believe they could be eaten without smoking, but I’d like to be sure it will be safe to eat.

3 eggs today

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About Suzanne Goldring

Suzanne Goldring writes the kind of novels she likes to read, about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Two of her novels have been placed in the Winchester Writers' Conference First Three Pages of a Novel competition. She is currently working on a novel set in Corfu and her blog is a diary, set in real time, called Powerless, The Year the Lights Went Out.

2 thoughts on “Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

  1. If you read the earlier entries, you’ll see the pork was rescued from the freezer and rather than let it go to waste it’s being ‘dry cured’. The pet pig is still alive – for now!

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