Dramatis Personae

This is a dead good idea of mine.   At some point you are going to want to refer to the following list of characters and it saves me having to keep on describing people that you’ve met before, but forgotten.  Some of us have already appeared in the stories and others are yet to come – something to look forward to.

Dramatis Personae


Scottish pyromatrix.


Norwegian sea dog.


Larry’s tortoise-shell chauffeur, has improbably long legs all the way up to her tail – and golden eyes.

Belvoir, Mad Jack (Bart):

Of the 3rd (King’s Own) Hussars.


A ginger cat and proprietor of Bozzy’s Catnip Den in Limehousesailortown.


Anna’s tortoise-shell cat.

Clutterbuck, Beryl:


Dark Flo:

Barmaid in Bozzy’s Catnip Den who is tougher than she looks.

Blenkinsopp, Captain Rotskagg:

Pirate King and master of the airship Queen Anne’s Bounty.

Desai, Ferdinand:

An accomplished aviator and the very last dodo.

Entwhistle, Harold:

Skipper of the Arctic Coleyfishtrawler and Coldwarspyship Lord Ancaster.

Fleck, Albert:

Chief Engineer on the Lord Ancaster.

Fluffy, Mr:

Media oligarch.


Teddy bear beat poet.


One of the many cats living with Aunty Stella.   He is a dim-witted, foppish playboy.

Karpova, Polly:

Wing-Comrade of the Kronstadt Fleet Air Arm.

Kittens of Chaos:

Chaotic kittens.

Kronstadt Sailors:

Heroes of the Revolution.


The cat at Number10.

Les Chats Souterrains:

Troglodyte agents of the Merovingian Lizard Kings.

Luckner, Kapitänleutnant Felix Graf von:

Captain of the Seeadler.

Merovingian Lizard Kings:

Shadowy manipulators of world affairs.


Barrel shaped tabby living with Aunty Stella.


A ginger cat, short for his weight and Digby to Bozzy’s Dan Dare.

Priscilla, The Fair:

Mad Jack’s young ward and lover.

Slasher McGoogs:

International cat of mystery.

Smurthwait, Easter:

Mate aboard the Lord Ancaster.


White-and-black cat unicyclist.

Starcluster, Consuella:

Tambourine virtuoso and proprietress of the Cirque des Absurdités in the Land of Green Ginger.

Stella, Aunty:

Cat wrangler.


One of Aunty Stella’s cats, also ginger.

Tate, Billy:

3rd Hand on board the Lord Ancaster.

Wold, Bert:

Trusty old retainer.


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