Bamse was an independent and resourceful dog.   He was also a crewmember on the Norwegian Naval vessel Thorodd, based in Dundee.   His shipboard duties included rounding up the crew at the end of their shore leave and to this end it was his habit to take the local public transport into Dundee’s sailortown and search out their regular haunts.   Dundee Borough Council had issued him with a bus pass.   Consequently he was, that December, ideally placed to provide quick, if limited, interim support for the beleaguered inhabitants of Strathbogie and below is his e-mail to Anna in response to an urgent telegram from the radio room of the airship Lady Aethelflaeda:

Hi Anna,

The brandy barrel is charged, I have obtained an LOA* and I am about to utilise my bus pass on a northbound Corporation double-decker.   I believe you are suffering temperatures of twenty-five below and have therefore acquired (off the back of a passing lorry) a hamper load of Soviet Navy winter weight telnyashkas – assorted sizes.   This will travel with me provided I can find someone to help me carry it onto the omnibus.

Anna, could you collect as many refugees as is reasonable, at your cottage to assist in the distribution of aid?

SD Bamse,

HNoMS Thorodd,


* Leave of Absence:

Chit allowing Bamse to be absent from duty for the duration of his mission.


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