Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, December 25



As we could not walk to church today, because of the flood, we sang carols while we prepared our Christmas dinner. Martin rigged up a kind of spit close to the fire to cook the goose. I have coated the bird with honey and set a pan underneath to catch the fat, which will be wonderful for cooking later on.

We have potatoes and cabbage which I picked up on Saturday, but no brussel sprouts, which I shan’t miss. We have a stuffing made with chestnuts, but no bread sauce, we have apple sauce but no pigs in blankets, we have a pudding but no custard or cream. However, I have made a brandy butter of sorts and have hidden the silver charms inside the pudding.

And despite the lack of electricity, central heating, Christmas TV or drinks parties, we are all cheerful. We have no crackers but Stephen has planned party games, we have not shopped for presents for weeks, but there are still gifts under the tree. Neil and Linda will join us for dinner, once they have checked the sheep and the broken fence. The floods are receding and we are all here, safe, warm and together and that is all that matters.


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