Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, December 27

There were high winds and rain again last night, which we all cursed, as we have had enough of floods and fallen trees for now. But this morning, the water level was no worse, in fact it has gone down considerably and we can easily walk into the village again. There is mud and debris on all the roads and the river washed some plastic drums and garden furniture up against the bridge, as well as branches.

There are scores of ducks and Canada geese on the swampy fields, so Martin will go out with his gun again today. Stephen is attempting to cut through the tree blocking the road, with Tony and Robin, but their chainsaws aren’t really up to the job. Robin said he has been telling Surrey Highways for years that the tree was dangerous and they never heeded his warnings.

Anna and Jane are busy with their sewing again. I am happy they are busy and occupied once they have helped to heat water and grind the acorns every day. I have not yet seen what they are making as they have now banned everyone from the sewing room while they assemble Anna’s dress, or whatever outfit it is they have created, for the wedding.

I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror this morning. My face is pale, with dark circles under my eyes. I have run out of my favourite Estee Lauder foundation, and my hair is lank. I would never want to look ‘mother of the bride’ or mother-in-law of the bride, in this case, in peach dress and coat with matching hat, but I do want to look presentable for Stephen and Anna’s special day. I have new wellingtons but nothing else new to wear. But at least there won’t be photographs to record my pitiful appearance. I wore my new boots to feed the hens and collect their eggs. Four again today and the hen which had gone off lay has a better colour again now. She must think spring is on the way.


One thought on “Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

  1. Not being able to take photos to record important events strikes me as one of the most poignant things about not having electricity

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