Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

The story so far….Sandra and her family are determined to survive the power cut which began in early October, leaving the whole of the UK powerless. After a simple but enjoyable Christmas they are now looking forward to a New Year wedding….

Sunday, December 29

We woke to such a frost today. Our cars were so white they looked as if there had been snow. Martin went outside to turn the engines over and said it was minus one degree Centigrade at 9.30 this morning.

So we walked briskly to church with collars up and scarves over our noses in the frosty sunshine. Every pew had lighted candles, which had been used for the Christmas day service we had not been able to attend because of the flooding. Rev.James says they will be lit for the wedding on Wednesday as well, so the church will look very beautiful. We sang O Little Town of Bethlehem to start and ended with God Rest Ye Gentlemen which everyone sang with gusto. Then Martin and I left Stephen and Anna to discuss their hymns for the wedding with David the organist, who plays the piano now there is no power.

When we got home I stoked the fires, then went out around the grounds collecting fir tree branches brought down by the storms. These will give us a base when we’re decorating the church on Tuesday. And Neil came across and said he had just slaughtered a hogget, that is a lamb born earlier this year, as a wedding present for the happy couple and will take it up to the pub for the barbecue. I thanked him for this on their behalf and then he gave me the kidneys and liver as well, which we’ll have tonight. He has collected the blood again and so Linda will come over tomorrow to make more black pudding. I don’t have many oats left, so we shall have to mix it with some coarse acorn flour and maybe ground chestnuts too.

Although today was very cold it was really quite pleasant in the sun and the hens seemed happy too, with four eggs today.


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