Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Monday, December 30

Such a change in the weather today. When my alarm went off at seven it was very dark, but it was still dark at 8 o’clock because of the heavy rain. I went outside to feed the hens after breakfast and they were reluctant to come out of their house, so I expect tomorrow there will be fewer eggs.

It rained all morning and we started watching the fields with some anxiety hoping it will not flood again and make the road impassable this week. Then I decided I should take the greenery to the church and the food to the pub today, just in case we have trouble getting through to the village if there is much more rain. He agreed to me using the car and its precious petrol, just so long as I went straight there and back.

Jane and Stephen came with me and we spent a very enjoyable couple of hours in the church arranging our Scots pine fronds, cones, holly and ivy strands around the church pews and windowsills. Stephen even managed to tie a bunch of foliage with red berries to the porch as well, so it looks very welcoming.

Then we went to the pub and dropped off pheasants and ducks. We shall make a kind of flatbread to serve with the meat and bring that with us on the day.

Once home, it was straight to work with Linda who had made a start on  the black pudding mix. And now we have a good supply of sausage again to serve with our own eggs. There were four today, two blue and two brown.


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