Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, January 7

I struggled to wake this morning when my alarm went, partly because it was so dark and also because I had slept so badly. The cough is worse, though not yet bad enough to make me trek to the doctor. However, it is slowing me down, particularly early in the day. I wish had lemons for a hot drink but have made do with hot water with honey, ginger and a sprig of thyme instead. It is only a cough, I keep telling myself. It isn’t flu.

Everyone else is in good health so far. Once the winds and rain died down this morning, Martin went outside to help Neil mend the fences which have either rotted over the years or been damaged by the storms. Neil picked up some new fence posts on his travels the other day, along with a roll of stock fencing. Robert Frost said good fences make good neighbours, but in our experience good fences keep these naughty sheep in their place.

Half the fields are flooded again from the latest bout of rain and our road is swamped once more. If there was any traffic about it would have to avoid our lane and the main road into Farnham. In the past, whenever there was flooding, we were always astonished at the number of town drivers who would drive at speed through the water, ignoring signs that the roads were closed. But now, instead of the sounds of revving cars and angry cries, we only hear the ducks and geese and the occasional screech of heron.

I’ve spent little time outside today. I want to stay warm and long to be resting. Only two eggs today, both brown.


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