Book One: Yii – Chapter Three (continued)

Sarah exploded, and then pounced.
‘You say sorry,’ she shouted, ‘or it will be the worse for you.’
She was holding Miranda’s hair; the other girls were yelling at her to let go, but she shouted again: ‘You have no right to say that. How dare you insult my parents. You’d better say sorry, and quickly!’
Miranda laughed. ‘So it’s true,’ she called out to the others. ‘It must be true; she’s one of those! She’s… ‘
She got not further. Her head went under water, and although she struggled, Sarah was far stronger.
The other girls tried to pull Sarah off, but she swept them away with her other arm.
Miranda’s head came up for a moment, as she gasped for air, before Sarah pushed her down again.
There was pandemonium in the bathroom, the other girls screaming at Sarah.
She lifted Miranda’s head up again. This time, Miranda was purple in the face, desperate for air and crying with sobbing gasps.
‘You dare say anything like that again,’ shouted Sarah, ‘and I won’t let you up at all.’
That was the moment the House Mistress chose to enter. She heard Sarah and, in the noise and chaos, tried to take in all that was happening. The other girls were trying to tell her all at once what Sarah had done; all was noise and turmoil.


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