Powerless – the Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, January 10

It was inevitable of course. Just as I start to feel better, Martin announces that he has a tickly throat. He’s complained that there is no more echinacea so I’ve told him to have a spoonful of honey. I can’t be a malingerer any longer and shall force myself to work today. The girls have done a good job keeping the water boiling and the floors swept, but I like things done my way and I’ve been moving cups here and pans there, wiping tabletops and scrubbing sinks.

I’ve realised the last couple of days just how much we normally take for granted and that includes paper tissues. There are none to be had now and I’m reluctant to use our precious store of toilet paper, so I’m cutting up an old sheet into squares for handkerchiefs. The centre was threadbare and it would have torn the next time it was on the bed, so I’d saved it meaning to put sides to middle, but I never got around to it. So now, my fine Egyptian cotton sheet, for which I can’t remember the thread count, is going to blow noses. If Martin and the others get this bug, the hankies will get plenty of use.

The hens didn’t lay too well while I was indisposed and today they gave us three eggs. Just as well, since while I was malingering all the other eggs were eaten.


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