Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Monday, January 13

Stephen has made a really good job of restacking the wood in the bunkers on pallets so they have a chance to dry off. If there are more floods as bad as we had over Christmas, they will still get soaked, but if we are lucky enough to just have normal winter rainfall, they should be safe. Today, he started work on the copse with Tony, but they have said they will have to be careful working there as one of the tall Scots pines has splits all around the trunk and topple with the next high wind.

The vegetable plots at the bottom of the garden, which used to be flower beds, still look very waterlogged. Although there is a lot of gravel in the beds for drainage, the roots will be in water if we get much more rain. Today started bright and sunny but suddenly, in the middle of the day, we had three or four very heavy showers of hail and rain.

I know we have maybe three cold months of bad weather ahead of us, but there are signs of spring. I can see the tips of daffodils piercing the grass along the drive. The hellebores are bursting open with pale pink and deep burgundy flowers. And the snowdrops cannot be far behind.

But all of these signs of hope have not stopped me thinking about the people who have suffered more than we have. That couple on the bench on the green, looked so lost and alone. There must be more out there.

And now the rain has stopped and I can see a gap in the clouds before another shower. So it is time to dig over the hen run and make those hens work hard. I want a full clutch of eggs today.

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