Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Monday, January 20

Cranleigh isn’t very far and under normal circumstances it would only be a 30 min drive, but Neil has allowed more time, both for reduced speed with the trailer and for diverting if there are problems. He’d like to stick to the back lanes, but they may be flooded or blocked by trees so he said he’d have to use the main roads.

They left at 7.30am and it’s now 4pm and the light is starting to go. I’m trying not to worry, but I can’t stop myself. Every time anyone leaves the village they seem to find trouble. I told Martin he was not to take any risks and that I’d never forgive him if they went any further than Horsham in their search for a vet. He may be a good shot, but that doesn’t mean they can outrun determined marauders.

I’ve tried to keep busy and managed to get some washing out on the line as the day started bright with fairly warm sunshine. It hasn’t dried completely, so it’s now strung up on the airer indoors and I’ve stoked the fire some more.

Gail came up to see if she could use the sewing machine, which we borrowed to make Anna’s wedding dress. She is making Alfie some trousers out of old denim and she agreed with me that we’d feel a lot calmer if the men didn’t like going off on such expeditions. She is glad Tony didn’t know about this trip as she’s sure he would have jumped at the chance of another adventure too.

I’m sure she’s even more relieved now that the light is fading and they haven’t returned. I’ll shut up the hens soon so at least they’ll be safe. There were four eggs today.


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