Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, January 29 – Leaks and lights

It is colder and wetter today and every time any of us comes in from outside, we head straight for the fire to warm our hands and faces. It is only a soft rain, but it still won’t help to dry out our waterlogged grounds and fields.

Stephen has been complaining that his boots have started to leak and his feet are very cold and wet. As a temporary measure he using old plastic carrier bags to line the boots, but he plans to cycle to the garden centre soon for new ones. I think if they still have stock he should get pairs for Anna and Martin as they are vital to all of us in these wet conditions.

We are also almost out of candles and night lights. The fires give us some light at night, but not enough to see us to bed. We had a good stock at the beginning of this power cut and I doubt that we shall find any supplies nearby. It would have been a darned sight more useful if the emergency supplies that were left in the village the other week had included candles instead of bottled water.

Jane very sweetly found two scented candles that were decorating her bedroom and said we could use them. I think they’ve been gathering dust, unlit for at least five years. And Martin said he’s sure we can find a way to use the kerosene. We’ve been using some in an old hurricane lamp for a while, but one lamp can’t light every room in the house, so more lights of some kind would be welcome.

The hens weren’t very productive today. There was only one brown egg in the nest. I think the rain is depressing them too.


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