Bok One: Yii Chapter Four (continued)

No sooner were they clear of the gates, than quite suddenly Aunt Caroline heaved a sigh, a huge sigh, as of relief. Then, to Sarah’s utter amazement, she burst into great peals of laugher, an uninhibited outburst of untrammelled laughter.
Sarah could hardly believe her eyes and ears: ‘Aunt Caroline…?’ she started, wondering what had come over her aunt. But Aunt Caroline drew breath, and held up her hand.
‘Oh dear!’ she gasped. ‘Oh dear! What a dreadful woman.’ She was still laughing, ‘I can hardly believe such people exist. She’s like someone in a Dickens novel. You must be so relieved to be out of that place. Awful school. Awful! Can’t think what your parents were doing letting you go there in the first place. You poor thing, you must have been so miserable.’
And she put her arms round Sarah, who was so moved and so relieved that she came as near to tears as she had ever done.
‘Oh Aunt Caroline,’ she said, ‘thank you so much for getting me out of there. It was really awful, and I don’t think I could have lasted much longer.’ She shuddered at the memory. Aunt Caroline held her tightly.
‘There, it’s all right now,’ she said. ‘Let’s put that behind us; I’m sure we can manage a happier future. Just now we’ve got a bit of a journey in front of us, and I don’t suppose you had any breakfast did you?’
‘No aunt, they only gave me bread and water yesterday, and nothing at all this morning.’
‘Right,’ said Aunt Caroline, ‘there’s an Inn a mile or two up the road – I stayed there overnight as it was too late to come to the school. We’ll stop there and fortify ourselves with whatever they can produce for two hungry people.’


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