Sea ice is not still

It heaves and surges

Throws up pinnacles

And towers

Cliff walls of dragons’ teeth

Tilted slabs

It tears apart into valleys

And canyons

Sea ice is not silent

It moans and groans

Cracks and snaps

Pops and bangs

Booms and boings

Sea ice is not empty

It is littered with sea-junk

With barrels and spars

Bottles and jars

Buckets and spades

Like the belly of the tagareen man’s


Ginsbergbear, beat poet

North Sea


Barely had the skidoos disappeared over the horizon when a charabanc loaded with architects arrived at the camp.   Within weeks the shanty-settlement was extended to include a tavern, barber’s shop and a mall complete with McDonald’s and multi-story car park.   Shortly after completion a flow encompassing the entire settlement detached from the pack-ice and drifted off in the direction of Belgium.


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