Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Sunday, February 9 – Making do and moles

I was woken several times in the night by the sound of the wind buffeting the chimney stacks. It sounded as if it howled and rained all night long. But after breakfast there was bright sun, so I asked the girls to hang out washing while Martin and I waded and walked to church.

At this time of year, the church holds a Christingle service, in which the children make a representation of the world using an orange. As we haven’t seen an orange in these parts for months,  the tributes were created with apples, some a little wizened, admittedly, but still round enough to represent the world. Red ribbon wrapped around the middle represents the love and blood of Christ and then dried fruits and sweets on four cocktail sticks, symbolise the seasons and the countries of the world. This year sweets were in short supply, but everyone had rallied together and found some candied peel, a few currants, pieces of fruit leather and cubes of carrot. But there were no candles to spare this year to insert in the top of the fruit. So instead  we used rolled white paper, with the end inked red to look like a flame. The children enjoyed the service all the same, even though they couldn’t light candles.

It was still sunny when we came home, so I allowed myself a little time to wander around the garden. I was enjoying the spring flowers until I noticed that the mole is still disrupting my flower beds. There are several huge new hills around the beautiful hellebores, so I had to go straight off and tell Martin to get trapping again. That quite spoilt my mood and then there was a heavy shower of hail so I had to rush off and bring in the washing.


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