Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, February 11 – Toilets and trees

Martin was trying to get some news on the radio and finally heard a bulletin which said that many parts of the country are badly flooded. It sounds much worse than what we’ve had around here, with towns and villages awash with water. If there are still residents in those areas, they are having to leave their homes. No wonder little aid is coming out this way. By comparison the pool at the top of our road, which today only came half way up our boots, is a mere puddle.

There was a little more rain this morning but by lunchtime there was breezy sunshine, which meant we could hang out washing on the line again for a couple of hours. And the drains seem to be running freely after yesterday’s efforts. Thank goodness, as this means we can continue using the downstairs toilet, as long as we keep topping up the cistern with recycled water. I don’t fancy having to go outside until the weather improves.

Martin noticed today that the recent high winds have caused another couple of trees to lean alarmingly. One of the pines in the copse has vertical splits in the trunk which means it may well go down after  another couple of storms. Martin thinks we should stay well clear of it on windy days. But this afternoon I took a quick look and realised that the cracks have opened up considerably and I could see bright sunlight shining right through the trunk from side to side.

I thought the sun might have encouraged the hens to lay well, but there were only two brown eggs today. I won’t buy Legbars again. We need a regular supply of eggs, not just a show of pretty feathers.


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