Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, February 12 – Raining and quickening

We’ve had such extremes of weather in 24 hours. After the warm sunshine of yesterday it was chilly last night, with an almost clear sky. When I went out after dark to shut up the henhouse, there was a misty moon overhead, encircled in an areola of pewter and bronze.

Then today heavy showers and high winds, with brief bursts of sun and a huge rainbow over the fields. No more trees have fallen yet but there are torn branches to collect for kindling. As so much more rain has fallen, we checked all the drains and gutters to make sure the water is flowing away from the house. Luckily the soil here is very sandy, so it drains quickly. On the worst day the duck house was barely visible apart from the ridge of the roof, but the next revealed the whole structure.

But despite the continuing bad weather, today brought good news to brighten us all and give us hope for the future. Anna felt the first flutterings of  movement, which we hope means she is carrying a healthy baby. After the initial excitement over the quickening, I saw a shadow cross her face and she said she wished she could share this wonderful experience with her parents. So we sat for a while by the fire and talked about them and how they will be coping well as resourceful country people. I completely understand how much she must long to see them but Cornwall is too far to travel in these times and her priority must be to stay here, stay well and give them a healthy grandchild who they will be able to meet when the country gets back to normal one day.


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