Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, February 13 – Sunshine and sheep

A day without rain meant we could hang washing on the line. There was breezy sun, which helped, then Neil came across with good news and bad news about the sheep. They are losing condition and he is going to have trouble bringing in enough fodder for them. Two fields are still so flooded that they cannot be used and the other two are sodden. Neil said he keeps hoping he can last out, but there is little grazing left in these two fields and if there is more rain it will be some time before he can move them back into the fields currently under water.

He is going to go off on another run to find ewe nuts rather than hay and wants Martin to go with him for safety. I can’t object, even though I feel uneasy about any of us traveling any distance in these difficult times. They will set off tomorrow, but hope to go no further than Dorking at most.

In the meantime, Neil decided he should slaughter a couple of last year’s lambs, hoggets as they are now. So we hung the carcasses in the garage and collected the blood for black pudding again. Some of the joints we’ll take to the pub for the Saturday barter market, but for tomorrow when Neil and Martin successfully return with feed for the sheep, I’ll slow cook lamb shanks on the fire.

I collected three brown eggs today but two of the Legbars were sitting when I went in the henhouse this afternoon. I’m hoping that means they’re laying again.

2 thoughts on “Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

  1. John – thank you. I never know each day what I am going to post, but this old house and grounds provide a never ending source of material! Thank you.

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