Book One: Yii Chapter Four (continued)

… Sarah looked worried and wondering.
‘Oh dear,’ said Aunt Caroline. ‘You really have nothing to worry about on that score. Uncle Alexander and I discussed it all very fully when your parents first asked me to be your guardian, knowing that in an emergency you would come to us; and this is just such an emergency. He’s really very happy to have young people around. He’s very good with the students and I believe they all think the world of him. Indeed, he’s looking forward to meeting you again.’
Sarah was greatly cheered by all this, and asked for news of David and Emily, whom she remembered as being rather older than her, but always very friendly. So they passed quite a lot more of the journey talking about what they were doing and how things were with the twins and, of course Desmond.
‘But you will meet Desmond at Sherborne College,’ said Aunt Caroline. ‘He came up from Eton at the beginning of this term. The Boat Club are very pleased to have him here – he’s apparently an excellent oarsman, and will help the fortunes of the Boat Club no end.’


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