Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, February 27 – Breeds and babies

The stupid dog came back again today. Linda came over and said Neil had heard it barking first thing this morning, but before he could get outside with his gun, his two sheepdogs had it cornered. Apparently it was very friendly once he got hold of it and he found its name and address was on the collar. Linda says it’s one of those strange cross breeds which were all the rage, a cocker doodle doo or something. That means it would have been expensive and would also have been much loved, we assume.

So Neil has decided, as the sheep have not been harmed, not to shoot it, but to see if he can find the owners. They aren’t from the village, but the address is only three miles away.

We’ve been having spells of sunshine and showers today, making it difficult to decide when to hang out washing. I gave up in the end and have left everything on the racks near the hall fire. They’ll smell of smoke, but we have to get them dry.

Anna has been feeling more movement from the baby. Still flutters rather than kicks, but it’s a good sign and is making her feel optimistic and less inclined to worry. I suggested we might want to think about preparing for the baby soon, since we can’t head off to Mothercare as we would have done before the power cut. The mothers at the school have been doing a regular children’s clothing exchange at the beginning of each month, so we might go to the next one on Monday. There’s no guarantee we’ll find everything Anna might need, but if we start looking now we should be able to have enough laid by for when the baby arrives in the summer. I told Anna I’m happy to help with sewing but she can’t expect me to try knitting as that was never one of my skills. She laughed and said if her aunts knew about her pregnancy they’d be producing hideous knitted garments by the dozen, so she’s glad to be saved from that delight.


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