Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, February 28th – The cats are out

The weather has been rough today, so I thought it would be safe to let the cats explore the house. They’re not likely to want to go outside in windy rain and hail. I left the bedroom door open when I took their food and clean litter tray upstairs this morning and didn’t see a sign of them for an hour or so. Then, about mid-morning I saw a little dark face peering round the door into the dining room, where I was preparing lunch on the table by the fire.

Tom was bold and friendly and he was soon followed by Tickles. They had a good look around the room and under the table, then rushed out again when Martin came thumping inside, kicking his boots off in the kitchen . Once he had sat down by the fire to warm up I soon saw them peeping round the door frame again, at the bottom of the stairs.

By mid-afternoon I think they had explored half of downstairs, hiding every time anyone opened a door or walked through. I’m going to give them their evening meal in the kitchen and start feeding them in there regularly from now on. If they want to retreat to their room upstairs tonight to sleep that’s fine, but I want to encourage them to feel comfortable down here as soon as possible so they can detect mousey smells and start working for their living.

The wind had died down a bit by the time I fed the hens, but they clearly weren’t impressed with the change in the weather and only gave us one egg today.


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