Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Sunday, March 2 – Dreadful news

The enormity of the current situation was brought home to all of us today, when Linda called in to tell us that Neil had been to find the stray dog’s owners. Their house isn’t that far away, but it’s very isolated, buried deep in woodland. Maybe their nearest neighbours hadn’t thought to check on them, maybe they didn’t even know them.

She said Neil, who as we know is a steady, unshockable type, used to country ways and country life, was quite shaken by what he found. He thinks the couple were only in their late sixties or early seventies, but they were both dead. How they died, he couldn’t tell. But the back door was splintered and open and the place had been ransacked.

So that’s how the dog escaped. It must have got hungry and come looking for food. Neil had taken it there with him, hoping he could return it to its rightful owners, but he’s brought it back home with him and is now wondering what to do next.

I said the first thing to do was deal with the bodies. Martin cycled off to speak to Rev. James and make arrangements. The couple aren’t from our village, they’re between villages, but they can’t be left where they are, so the matter has to be dealt with immediately. With no means of contacting the authorities who would normally be responsible for such tragedies, we have to make decent, responsible decisions as a community.

When Stephen and Anna heard the awful news they said maybe we could keep the dog. Linda said Neil won’t want to keep it, as he only has working dogs. And I said we’d have to think about it as we’ve only just taken on the two cats. It’s hard enough feeding humans let alone animals in these times. Even the hens are on strict rations and can only produce an egg or two now and then.


3 thoughts on “Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

  1. Nasty! Ask Rev James. He’s a dog-lover though I don’t know how the two he’s got would take to a new one.

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