Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, March 4 – Baby talk

I thought Anna seemed a little downcast after our visit to the school yesterday and our failure to find anything for the baby, so I suggested we could start making our own preparations We went up to the attic and found the old Moses basket which I had used for both Stephen and Jane. I had originally lined it with sprigged cotton from Laura Ashley and made a little coverlet to match. But I know Anna will want to trim it herself for her baby, so we looked through the store of fabric scraps and found a remnant of blue striped from the same shop.

The basket itself only needs a good brush and the mattress needs airing then recovering. I no longer have the tiny sheets and blankets I once used. I think they went to Jane’s doll’s pram long ago, so we found an old flannelette sheet to cut down and Anna will knit or crochet her own blanket.

It was such a pleasure retrieving the basket and remembering the excitement of my own first baby. I’m sure we can help to make this time just as happy for Anna even though she can’t go shopping in Mothercare. Jane wants to help as well and I left the girls talking about sewing little nightgowns and making nappies from old towels if they can’t find enough baby clothes at the school.

This was a much more cheerful subject than the other matters we have been dealing with, including another dead sheep in the field. It was an old ewe, who had lived out her days, but it is still sad to see an animal stiff and still being pecked at by crows.

Despite the sunshine, the egg count was meagre. Only two today.


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