Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, March 5 – Pancake tossing

Just as we were about to have supper yesterday, Jane suddenly said she thought it was Pancake Day. I wasn’t sure and none of us was certain because we lose track of dates so easily these days. Without the constant reminders from newspapers, TV and radio telling us when and what to buy, we are surprised by dates. So I searched for last year’s diary on my desk and found she was right.

But it wasn’t too late to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and although we didn’t have milk for the batter, we made pancakes of a kind from some of the white flour ration that was left in the village, our own eggs and plain water. They weren’t as good as they would normally be, but spread with honey and jam they were still delicious. And we had the fun of taking it in turns to each toss our own pancake. Martin was impatient and tried to toss before his was cooked through, so his stuck and broke. Anna and Jane both managed fairly well but Stephen did one of the best, tossing it as high as the low ceiling would allow and catching it so it lay flat and finished cooking evenly.

Today we’ve had warm spring sunshine all day, which meant we could hang washing on the line. It was even sunny when I first woke, although there was a hard frost and the ponds were thinly iced. The temperature must have dropped considerably last night and when I shut up the hens before suppertime it was already very cold and there was a sliver of new moon high in the sky. The hens enjoyed the sun as well, digging in the drier areas of their run and trying to take their baths. Four eggs today.


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