Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, March 6 – Soup and soppy names

It has really felt like spring today, with warm sunshine and birds singing, but I had to spend much of the morning indoors making soup for the village hall soup kitchen tomorrow. Martin wasn’t too happy that I was cooking food to give away, so I’ve had to make extra to keep him quiet.

It’s only potato and onion, because that’s what the organisers agreed to make this week, but it will be hot and filling. I wish it could be leek and potato, with extra cream, but these days we have to cook with whatever is available. If these were normal times and I could make whatever soup I liked, I would do either minestrone, with a wide selection of fresh vegetables, including green beans and courgettes, or cauliflower and fennel, which sounds like an odd combination but is surprisingly successful. It will be wonderful if our own vegetables grow well this year and we have a choice again.

Neil has been making enquiries about the stray dog, whose owners funeral will take place soon. It seems that nobody wants to take it on. I suppose that in these difficult times when it is hard enough to feed a family, it is understandable that people would not want an  extra mouth to feed, not even one belonging to a very attractive, cuddly, friendly dog. And Neil doesn’t want to keep it either, because he already has two working dogs to feed and he says it is not a good idea to keep a pet dog with sheepdogs, as the untrained one is inclined to get the wrong idea. Also, as this dog has already chased the sheep a couple of times already, it cannot be trusted. I asked Linda what Neil plans to do with it now and she said if no one wants to give it a home he will have to shoot it.

I thought as I fed the hens how hard it is to put down an ailing animal, let alone a healthy one. It is a soppy dog with a stupid name. Buggles, it said on its tag. The hens agreed with me and gave me four eggs.


4 thoughts on “Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

  1. Now you be listening to me, Aunty Sue. Just cos this here dog are called Buggles and are got big gooey expression and stuff dunner mean it inner gonna get the slaverings and the glary red eyes and the ripping shirt soon as you back turned. Giyyit the silver cutlery through the heart soonest. You be doing it a favour, honest. Berra be safe than sorry!

    • I sure the real Buggles were commendably cute, but this creature are nowt burran empty shell. Lurking wiyyin it’s dead heart are an implacable and predetory entity. It will prey on you compassion, biding its time, and when you least expecting it… it will wreak doom!

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