Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Saturday, March 8 – Soup and seeds

Yesterday I wheeled my soup to the village hall in the wheelbarrow. It was such a lovely day I didn’t want to use the car and we try not to use the little petrol we have left. I didn’t have a suitable storage container to transport the soup, so I had to use an old nappy bucket. It was well washed and was last used for the kit I had to have close by for lambing. But I rinsed it out with bleach and boiling water just to be safe and to satisfy the housewife brigade I knew would be startled by my choice of container.

As the weather was so warm it was really quite pleasant walking down the lane to the village and the makeshift barbecue outside the hall was glowing hot by the time I arrived. All the soups were poured into one huge preserving pan to heat through and we soon had plenty of hungry mouths to feed. We’d all made flat bread to eat with the soup, so it was quite filling.

I chatted to a young couple who’d left Guildford the day before the terrible storm nearly a month ago. They said the countryside felt so much safer than the town with its overflowing sewage, rats, stray dogs and stray people. Even though they are living in temporary accommodation, they are well fed and clean here and are enjoying working on the allotments which should produce a good crop in a few months.

Today the wheelbarrow was put to good use again when Martin and I walked to the pub for the barter and market. We collected potatoes, cabbage, carrots and kale, then left promptly as the weather was so sunny and we wanted to get back to our own garden. I know I should be concentrating on growing our own produce, but I found some seeds left over from last year, so I couldn’t resist sowing some trays of cosmos and sunflowers. Knowing there will be flowers gives me hope.

The Rhode Island Reds didn’t do so well today and there were no brown eggs, but the Legbars had laid four beautiful pale blue eggs.


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