Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, March 11 – Home alone

While we ate our supper last night, we were all talking about the funeral and the loneliness of the couple in the woods. Martin has never been a great one for making friends, but even he agreed that we should check on our neighbours more often. I said we must make a point of seeing them at least once a week, so today I’ve called on Robin and Deirdre as well as looking in on Tony and Gail and their family.

Jane seemed the most concerned and said she was worried that if the rest of us became very ill she wouldn’t be able to cope. We’ve all been wondering why the Ruggles died alone. I suggested that it was because they were elderly, they’d run out of petrol and perhaps when Barbara became seriously ill her husband didn’t like to leave her. Anna thought the husband should have walked into the village to find a doctor, but maybe he wasn’t fit enough to walk such a distance or was afraid he wouldn’t return to her in time.

I told Jane that our situation is vastly different to the Ruggles couple and if any of us falls ill and needs a doctor, we will let our neighbours know, just in case. She seemed reassured by this and said if we all went, she wouldn’t stay in the house but would ask Mick if she could move into the pub with Buggles. She said she’d leave the cats here and let Gail have the hens.

I think the cats would cope quite well. I found the remains of some wild thing in the kitchen this morning. I assume it was a mouse they’d eaten, but they still rubbed around my legs purring and asking for food. And the hens would cope too. They left four more eggs in their new nest today.


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