Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Monday, March 17 – Full moon and mad men

Martin and Stephen have both been really annoying about the disappearance of the hens. They don’t seem to appreciate how devastating this loss is and why I am so upset. Martin just said, at least there weren’t any bodies to collect this time and now you won’t have to remember to shut them up at night.

Then yesterday evening, around 6.30, Stephen noticed there was a full yellow moon rising behind the trees. He pointed it out to me and I thought I was simply meant to comment on how beautiful a sight it was, as the pale yellow traced with bare black branches was quite striking. And in the absence of electric light and aircraft our night skies are stunning. It was a clear night and the stars were already emerging, but he startled me when he then said, it could be a sacrifice. I didn’t immediately understand what he meant, then he laughed and said, maybe the hens were taken as a sacrifice for the full moon.

I was so cross with him.  I told him he wasn’t to talk like that, even if he was joking, and he certainly shouldn’t say any such thing to Anna, in her condition. She doesn’t need to be unsettled by such fanciful nonsense.

And then this morning Martin came out with his own theory. He said he’s been thinking that the hens were stolen, not by an animal, but by a human thief. I asked him what on earth made him think that and he said he thinks the idea they were taken by a mink is rubbish and that in these difficult times, with such a shortage of food, it could well be a chicken rustler. So I had to tell him off as well. I told him to shut up as the very thought of a robber prowling around here in the dead of night was enough to terrify me, let alone a young expectant mother.

He went quiet for a bit, then said he was going to have a good look around the garden and grounds and see what he could find. So I told him that whatever he found he was not to tell either of the girls. We all need to stay calm and have steady nerves. The jitters are the last thing we need.


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