Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, March 19 –  The letter ‘H’

Men can be so childish. Last night I went outside, just to enjoy the moon shining on the grass through the trees and Stephen nearly gave me a heart attack. He crept up behind me, making a strange cry as I stood looking at the sky. I was so cross with him, then even crosser when he said he still thought the hens had been sacrificed.

I really gave him a telling off then. But he said there was the circle of flowers the other day and now the hens, so what are we to make of it? And then he said didn’t I think there was something strange about the fact that it was all to do with things beginning with ‘H’? You know, he said, first hellebores, then hens….it will be hedgehogs next. So I gave him a sharp clip round the ear, which was quite difficult to do as he’s been 6′ tall since he was 17.

And today Martin said there are footprints on the bottom lawn and he thinks someone has been wandering around the grounds overnight. He also said he’s found fag ends near the garage, which makes him think someone has been spying on the house. I told him to show me exactly where he’d found them and when he did so I realised it was precisely where Joe and his occasional assistant gardener used to park before the power cut started. They both smoked so I think the stubs date back to then. They look very old, so I don’t think anyone has been snooping around recently.

However Martin says he will continue to be vigilant as he is convinced the hens all ended up on someone’s plate and not in a fox’s den.


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