Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, March 21 – Sweet and sour smells

I held another lamb today. This one is rather unusual as it isn’t black, it’s dirty beige with dark brown legs and black patches on its face. Neil says it is ‘badger faced’ which meant I immediately had to start calling it Badger. It was very calm and quiet in my arms and if we still had power I would have liked a photo. None of us have old-fashioned cameras with real film, just phones and other gadgets which no longer work without power. As it is, I shall just have to commit the experience to memory.

Badger was light to hold, but he didn’t smell as sweet as the first lamb I held this year. I think Badger is four days old and has lost his newborn freshness. He now smells like a urine-soaked tramp from butting his mother’s nether regions when he feeds, but he was still lovely to hold.

Still, the cats smell sweet. They are increasingly friendly and now starting to seek strokes and laps. They smell of dry leaves and grass when they have been sunning themselves outside and smoky fires when they have been warming their fur inside. Tom has decided he likes to sit on a large upturned log, which provides a steady seat right by the fire. Tickles prefers a softer bed and after being shooed out of the basket of dried and folded bed linen. has opted for a firm cushion by the hearth.

Tomorrow we go to the pub for the market and I will ask if there are any hens available. I don’t have high hopes as everyone must need to keep as many chickens as possible in these troubled times, for the eggs and for the meat. I am going to take some of our black pudding sausages, dried mushrooms and potted meat in the hope that these can be bartered for hens in lay.


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