Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, March 26 – Lambs, logs and dog

I was outside early this morning and I saw a ewe give birth to twins. She was still licking her first-born dry when the sac started to emerge with the second,  glistening and steaming in the morning sun. Half an hour later, both lambs were standing and one gave a little jump, trying out its new legs, as the mother nudged and snickered at them in her special sheepy baby talk.

This event quite put me in a good mood and I was in an even better mood when Martin cycled back from the village with the last remaining tube of chilblain ointment from the chemist. If my toes don’t throb I might be more cheerful, he said. But he had also heard that some hens might be available soon. There is a chap down near the church who has a garden full of hens and not enough food for them, now that supplies are so hard to come by. We have come to rely on our own eggs, so I shall be very glad to stock the run with new hens.

Martin and Stephen then got on with splitting the pine tree that fell in the high winds last week. I’m relieved it has finally come down as it was the one with the splintered trunk, which had been threatening to fall since Christmas. Luckily it didn’t bring any neighbouring trees down with it, only odd branches. And I couldn’t help noticing, as they were working over by the copse, that Buggles has abandoned Jane and seems to be following Martin everywhere he goes.


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