Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Saturday, March 29 – Idle gossip

After several days of very cold weather and frosts, we have sunshine again. Working outside we feel quite warm and have even thrown off our winter sweaters at last. But the house is still very cold at night and we huddle round the fire for warmth. If there was power we’d be having the central heating on until late into the evening and maybe even some of the day as well. Martin keeps saying that the only good thing about the long power cut is saving money. But I can’t help thinking that while there is no way of spending money or accounting for it, how can it be important?

We went to the pub today as usual and returned with supplies of beef, carrots and potatoes. I’ll make a large stew which will last for at least a couple of days, eking it out with dumplings. The gossip there was all about raids on the allotments again and Martin didn’t help by telling everyone about the strange disappearance of the hens and the significance of the hellebore circle. I don’t see the point in fuelling suspicion and superstition, especially in these difficult times. It can only create uncertainty and fear and I’ve told Martin he’s to stop doing it. I think men are worse gossips than women.

When we returned home, Jane said the dog had been desperate to go with us and she’d had to tie him up to stop him following us down the road. Martin said she should have let him come and then untied Buggles, I mean Bubbles, and they walked off together to collect more wood for the fire.


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