Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Monday, March 31 – Knowing and crowing

I’ve finally solved the mystery of the paperbacks in the loo. I knew I had put out 12 books originally and as I seem to be the only one who removes the covers from the cloakroom when the book is finished, I was sure I hadn’t miscounted and now I know that I was right.

I stripped our bed this morning to wash the sheets as the weather looks bright enough to wash them and I noticed a book sticking out from under the divan base on Martin’s side. I pulled it out and there it was. Fifty Shades of Grey. He hasn’t said a word, so I’m not going to either. I’m just going to wait and see if he dares take it out to read.

I opened up the hen house for the new chickens yesterday. They peered out of the door at first and only emerged slowly, but they obediently went in to roost at dusk, just as they are meant to. This morning they were more confident and when I went to feed them this afternoon I found the first egg, which I hope will be the first of many. Once they have all begun to lay we could have as many as five eggs a day, which will be plenty. I may even think of letting a few hatch once the cockerel gets into his stride if the hens get broody.

It is a real pleasure to have chickens here again and hear them clucking at each other and see them wriggling in their outdoor dust baths. The cockerel is still young, but he is strutting and puffing, pausing now and then to crow. His cry hasn’t yet fully matured and still has treble croaks in amongst a richer tenor. But soon his cry will be my most efficient alarm clock.


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