Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, April 2 – Worried but well

This power cut has lasted six months now and we are all surviving. At first it seemed disastrous and I know it has been terrible for people in the cities and larger towns, but out here, surrounded by green fields and trees bursting into leaf, it is quite bearable. Now that the winter is over, with all the frosts and floods we endured, we feel sure we can survive.
I have settled into an efficient routine with the laundry, which is so much easier with the warmer weather and the recent acquisition of the old mangle. Our clothes and bed linen smell of fresh air and sunshine instead of damp floors and smoke. The girls are happier too as they can wash their hair outside and let it dry in the warm breeze. Stephen is keeping the barbecue supplied with kindling so we can heat water, which we are still recycling for the downstairs toilet cistern.
Fetching water, feeding the fires and foraging for wild food seems normal after such a long time. I am sure there are people somewhere who have generators or secret supplies of calor gas, who have managed to devise petrol driven systems or even invented ovens, but I have not heard of anyone in this village who has succeeded in doing so. But despite us managing very well, I am concerned about what lies ahead. We had a very wet winter and the water table must still be high, but we shall struggle for water if we have a hot summer and there is drought. I worry about Anna and hope the birth will be easy and I fret every time Stephen and Martin are felling trees and cutting logs. One slip of the axe and a man could be disabled for life and with no emergency services on call one mistake could cost a life.
But in the meantime, there is supper to cook, water to boil and hens to feed. I’ve collected four eggs today and shall worry tomorrow about what may happen next.

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