Powerless -The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, April 10 – Man and dog

Today started well with the birth of twin lambs. At first, when I saw the ewe with one lamb on its feet and noticed the second supine, I was afraid it was another death, but in minutes I realised she had only just given birth and in no time at all both lambs held their heads up high and suckled.
But there is no news of Martin and the other men. We have no way of contacting them in these powerless times, so we can only wait and wonder. Late yesterday I suddenly realised that Bubbles was missing. I had assumed he was following Jane around, as he normally stays close to Martin, but when I asked her where he was she said she hadn’t seen him all day. She went outside calling for him but there is still no sign, so now we are wondering if he went with Martin. He is not a guard dog and loves everyone, so he won’t be much help.
At least they have good weather for their expedition. Here we have washed and dried sheets and pillowcases, aired blankets and swept floors. We have watered seedlings, hoed beds and gathered greens. I don’t like to imagine what will greet the men in London. In the country we have fresh air, green buds and vegetables bursting through the soil. Today we have seen nesting birds, butterflies and a mother duck trailing her ten ducklings towards the big pond for their first swim. In the city there will be vermin, trash and destruction.
The chickens laid five eggs today and enjoyed the groundsel and milk thistles the girls found for them. But I can’t stop thinking about a man and his dog.


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