Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, April 11 – Lambs liver and laundry

I woke early today, forgetting that Martin had gone. No alarm to wake me, not even the cockerel or a snoring husband, just the sun of a new day. And then I remembered and began to worry again.
So I have tried to keep busy all day. I have no idea how long he will be away or if he will ever come back and I won’t let my worries affect the others, especially Anna, who is blooming and healthy and deserves to enjoy this happy time of waiting for her baby. As the day was so fine I began boiling water even before breakfast so more laundry could be dried in the sun.
By the time Anna and Stephen were down I had clothes soaking and had fed the chickens and been to look at the lambs. Yesterday’s twins were tucked up against their mother’s wooly flank and all looked calm across the field. Neil was doing his rounds and came over to say how well the sheep looked on the grass which is growing fast after the winter floods. Twenty lambs so far, despite some losses and another half dozen ewes still to produce.
He has decided not to keep one of his young rams from last year, so it was slaughtered today and we shall have hogget in a couple of days time. It would normally be hung for at least four days, but we don’t have the luxury of a chiller in these powerless times, so we shall have to eat it sooner. However, with Linda’s help we have made black pudding today and shall have some of the liver for supper tonight, which will help all of us, but especially Anna, stay healthy and strong. I doubt if Martin and the other foolhardy men will be eating so heartily tonight.
Our new chickens continue to lay well, with four eggs today.


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