Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, April 15 – Bumps in the night

I woke several times last night, thinking I could hear thumps and bumps in the house, so I was very tired this morning. Maybe it’s because Martin is still absent and I’m worrying. This old house does ease its joints with creaks and groans at night, though less so now as we can’t run the central heating without electricity.
Then when I came downstairs I realised the noises had probably been made by the cats, which had disrupted my study, rucking up the rug and knocking over a pile of books, in their night time mouse hunt. The guts were on the carpet, but no tails or heads this time.
With this mystery solved, I should have felt calmer, but I didn’t. There is no way Martin can contact us, nor can we reach him. With mobile phones, computers and telephone lines out of action we have no way of knowing if he is safe and he cannot check on our welfare either. But I can’t help thinking he won’t be concerned about us. He will assume that I will manage, as always.
Jane came down for breakfast of eggs and black pudding and said she was worried. But she asked more questions about the dog’s welfare than her father’s She really has become very fond of Bubbles in the short time he has been part of our household.
But we have tried to be positive today. I found some embroidery silks and showed Anna how to do smocking on the little nightgowns she is making. She chose yellow, pale blue and white and the stitches remind me of the forget-me-nots which have just come into flower in the garden. Jane is unpicking an old cream sweater for its wool and wants to make a little blanket for the moses basket.
I collected five eggs today, but didn’t see any ducklings. That may or may not be a good sign. She has either lost the lot or has taken them to a safer place.


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