Star Stone Trilogy: Book One – Yii.


Sarah’s waking was a golden dream; the gold of early sunlight filtering through the curtains which, drawn aside, revealed a view into the garden, autumn sombre yet glowing gold and edged with golden buildings – the college library, the world famous Bodleian Library, and Sherborne College itself. Sarah felt blissfully happy and contented.
After a sumptuous breakfast Aunt Caroline, back from shopping, found her and took her on tour. First they stood at the entrance to the College.
‘This is called the lodge,’ Said Aunt Caroline, ‘and this square is the front quadrangle – usually called the quad. The chapel’ pointing to her left, ‘was rebuilt in 1857. And the hall,’ point to her right, ‘is lovely, and we must go and see it. Some say the finest small hall in Oxford,’
Opposite on the East side were residential buildings. The ‘back quad’ was at the far left hand corner through a gap between the chapel and an ancient tower, known as Palmer’s tower, with the Rector’s lodging after that. Through the archway opposite the entrance lodge, they went into the Fellows’ garden with the library to the left.
At lunch, shared with her aunt and Uncle Alexander, whom she had met briefly the night before, she was able to enjoy his company as much as that of her Aunt. He was full of good humour and Sarah responded, bubbling with happiness. After lunch, both he and Aunt Caroline would be busy, and suggested that Sarah should go in search of Desmond. Sarah went to the lodge and asked Jack, the porter:
‘Please, where can I find Desmond Hamilton-Wordsworth?’


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