Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Saturday, April 26 – Rain, rain go away

We’ve had more than our fair share of April showers. We’d all hoped that the rainy season had finished for good in March, but the last couple of days of rain have swelled the river and the nearest field is flooded again, with water spilling over into the grazing containing most of the ewes and lambs.
I noticed the silver water glinting in the first glimmer of sunlight today when I looked out of the hall windows. I knew Neil would be on top of the situation, but I couldn’t resist going to check whether he was thinking of moving the flock into the next field. He said he thinks the water has peaked and they will be safe, but it worries me to see the smallest lambs venturing near the bursting ditches.
However, there is a plus side to the flooded field. It attracts Canadian geese, ducks and the occasional swan. And Martin is in my good books again as he managed to bag a goose today. It’s hanging in the garage and we’ll have it tomorrow. We’ve had a lot of mutton lately, so it will make a great change. Some of that sharp rhubarb will be good on the side and I’ll be sure to save the fat for roasting potatoes in a pan on the fire.
We’ve agreed not to talk about the London episode, as I call it, any more. Jane is disappointed that Bubbles didn’t come back with her father, but she too is amused that a dog that was once lost now has a whole squadron of devoted owners and is also now a dog with three names. He never did answer to his old names, she said, he just runs up to whoever looks friendly and pants. Names mean nothing to him.


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