Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, April 29 – A nice cup of tea

Such good news today! Stephen had cycled to the chemist to pick up iron tablets for Anna and came back to tell us supplies have reached the village. I doubt if it has anything to do with the efforts made by Martin and his fellow adventurers the other week, but it is quite a coincidence that one minute we are being ignored and the next we have rations delivered by the army. so maybe they did achieve something after all.
There is flour, rice, sugar, tea, cooking oil and salt being distributed at the church. The stocks are being guarded and handed out by members of the Parish Council, to ensure there is enough for every local household. As soon as Stephen told us we decided to go straight over there with the car. We could have walked with the wheelbarrow, but the weather is unreliable today and we would not have wanted these precious supplies spoiling in the rain.
And when we got there, amidst the excitement of actually having tea again, we found there was also powdered milk, coffee, soap and toilet paper! These feel like the greatest luxuries after so long without. So as soon as we were home with our supplies we made a pot of tea and I set about making drop scones. We still have jam as I made so much at the end of the summer, so we could actually have afternoon tea and feel almost civilised. And the soap is very welcome as we are almost at the end of our supply of tablets given to me in previous Christmases and the bars in the cloakroom and bathroom both have blackened cracks, but I was determined to use them down to the last sliver.
Martin said he’d never known a cup of tea to taste so good, so we treated ourselves to another pot immediately and can now look forward to real tea first thing in the morning. If they had been able to deliver fresh bread as well, that would make our breakfasts complete. But we shall content ourselves with fried egg, black pudding, drop scones and a good strong cup of tea.


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