Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Wednesday, April 30 – Food, glorious food

Last night I made a pilaff with the last of the goose and some of the rice from the newly arrived supplies. It certainly isn’t a classic dish and it may not be one I’ll make again, but it was wonderful to have different textures and flavours after all these months of unvaried, albeit still nutritious, meals.
We all talked about foods we are missing again and as always fresh crusty bread was top of the list. Second was cheese. Not special continental cheeses, but plain old English cheddar which we could have on toast, or eat in a sandwich or sprinkle on top of a baked potato. But we are grateful for the supplies that have been delivered and talked about how to make the most of them.
Jane pleaded for pasta, which she can easily make now we have flour. So we plan to have a carbonara tonight as we don’t have tomatoes, butter or cheese, but we do have eggs and bacon. Anna says she craves cucumbers and avocados, which we can’t possibly obtain, but she says she will enjoy the pasta too. Stephen longs for burgers, which we can manage to make if we bring back mince from the pub barter market on Saturday. Martin says he misses cauliflower cheese, which we also can’t make, but I said that when we can find a cauliflower we could serve it with a white sauce, now that we have powdered milk and flour, so he was fairly happy with that.
And I miss sweet things. I know I shouldn’t but I’ve always had a sweet tooth and liked having a biscuit or a cake with my morning coffee and afternoon tea. I’m struggling to think what I can make apart from drop scones and soda bread and then I suddenly remembered that I still have dried yeast in the pantry and so I am going to make little doughnuts. I will try to make some filled with jam, but even plain ones, sweetened and rolled in sugar after they are fried will be a sweet treat. If they are disastrous the hens will gobble them up and maybe lay more eggs. They gave us four today.


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