Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Thursday, May 1 – Chipping and chopping

My doughnuts were a triumph! I managed to make them in time for tea late yesterday afternoon and dusted them with sugar. The jam leaked out of one or two and made a bit of a mess of the oil, but if I strain it I can still use it. Everyone had one of the little cakes and we all agreed that they were the best things we’d ever tasted.
Then Stephen pointed out that now we had oil we could make chips and everyone started rhapsodizing about how wonderful that would be and asking when we could have them. I don’t really care for chips but I said if Stephen was so keen he could make them, as long as he was prepared to peel and cut the potatoes. He’s going to make them for supper tonight and we’ll have them with fried eggs if the hens have laid enough for us.
There is a cold wind despite the sun today and so warm food is still very important for us, particularly as we are all working hard at various chores every day. Jane helped me with a wash outside as we wanted to take advantage of the sun and the breeze. Anna is getting tired easily now as she only has two months or so to go now, but she still helped to turn the mangle and peg washing on the line. Stephen was out chopping wood and Martin hoed the vegetable beds. The hens were hard at work too, scratching in their run, having cleansing dust baths in a dry corner and laying five eggs, so we have enough for supper tonight.


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