Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Sunday, May 11 – Going cuckoo

I thought it would do me good to get away from the patients today, so I walked to church with Gail and Jane, where we sang a lovely version of the The Lord is My Shepherd. We also sang Brother Let Me Be Your Servant, which was ironic in the circumstances and I could not stop myself muttering under my breath that I would not be making that request once I was home again.
Today was cold and windy until about 3pm when the sun really shone so I decided that once I had finished the main chores and could see that supper was simmering nicely, I could allow myself some time on my flower beds. The bearded iris are a joy at present and a very pale one, almost white tinged with a subtle hint of lavender, has just opened amongst the Purple Sensation alliums.
An hour or so amongst my favourite plants, despite bending and weeding, always puts me in a good mood and I was much more cheerful and amenable when I came back inside. Anna had made a pot of tea and drop scones, which were most welcome. Martin ate more than anyone else and I can see that if he doesn’t get back on his feet again soon, he will have extra weight to worry about. But he managed to hobble outside this afternoon to sit in the sunshine and said he’d heard the cuckoo again. We first heard it about three weeks ago and it seemed to be very close then.
At the end of the day I threw all the weeds I’d collected into the hen run and found four eggs.


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