Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Friday, May 16 – Bad news and good news

Martin and Stephen have been listening to the radio more often recently, because they are both still somewhat indisposed. They mostly want to hear if there is any sign of solving the UK power cut, so they tune into regular news bulletins, but of course these also contain news about other parts of the world. And it struck me today, as I half listened while I made them breakfast of scrambled eggs and drop scones, that although the power cut has been devastating for many areas in this country, there are more terrible events happening elsewhere.
My dear husband shook his head and yelled at the radio when it was announced that the problem here has still not been solved and after a few expletives I felt I had to point out that in this house, in this village, we are not that badly off. We have been able to eat well, we have stayed relatively healthy ( apart from self-inflicted injuries, I remarked) and we still have each other. Elsewhere in the world, since the power cut began, there have been major natural disasters and recently there has been an awful mining accident, the sinking of a ferry with huge loss of life and the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls. Compared to these calamities, our problems in this household are insignificant. I know we are lucky to be here in the countryside and not in a city and I know that our life is inconvenient and difficult while the power cut continues, but it is not going to kill us and we should be thankful.
Once I’d made breakfast I left them to grumble to themselves while I fed the hens, which gave us five eggs today. And then I watched Jane feed Sooty, who managed to lift her head a little and waggle her tail as she took her bottle.


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