Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Tuesday, May 20 – Water, water everywhere…..

I’m not sure if the lads are feeling better or just bored, but both Stephen and Martin are back on their feet. They are hobbling, especially Martin when he sees anyone looking, but they are helping. It is such a relief, even though they aren’t quite up to full speed yet and can’t do all the heavy work they normally undertake, but it is a great help having them load the wheelbarrow with logs and bring them up to the house, then stack them in the inglenooks. They are also able to fetch heavy pails of water from the well, which is still our main source for the present.
And there were a couple of heavy showers of rain this afternoon which were also welcome as I was starting to think we would have to water all the vegetable beds ourselves. Under normal circumstances, with power operating the water treatment plants and pumping out fresh water day and night, we’ve never questioned the wonders of having clean supplies on tap and through the garden hose. Of course we’ve moaned about the hosepipe bans that were imposed most summers, but we’ve never before had to think about where our water has come from. We’ve just used it and now we are aware of every drop. The water butts and various buckets collect rainwater, which we boil for drinking and laundry. The well gives us murky water for cooking vegetables and washing. Then all the waste water from washing up and doing the laundry is recycled to flush our toilet. Water has become a precious commodity.
And I gave the hens well water to drink to help them keep up their egg production. They need plenty of water to help them make good eggs and they gave us five today, which I found in another new nest in their henhouse.


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