Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Monday, May 26 – Under the weather
This morning Martin asked me if I realised today was a Bank Holiday. I wasn’t aware of the fact, as I lose track without regular newspapers and news bulletins on the radio. Then he said, well, we’re stuck here with nowhere to go. And I said, but you never like going anywhere on a Bank Holiday. You don’t like crowds and you never want to drive when there’s likely to be heavy traffic. True, he said. But a change of scene would be nice. A day out, a bit of sea air, that’s all I’m saying.
I left him to grumble it was typical Bank Holiday weather too, grey and drizzly, as he hobbled off to fetch wood. Then Jane came down for breakfast and I noticed she was looking very red-eyed. I asked what was the matter and she just shrugged, but next minute she was crying in my arms and I held her like she was still a child. Once her tears had subsided, she said she’d dreamt about being with her friends, about being able to go out and have fun. I hate it, she said, I hate being stuck here all the time.
Then she sniffed and I hugged her some more, made her tea and gave her scrambled eggs and she apologised and said it must be worse for other people and she worried about her friends. And I tried hard to help her see how fortunate we are and how there are still many things to look forward to. I reminded her how well she is doing with feeding Sooty and she smiled at last. The little lamb is much stronger and can now stand and even tries to hop. She no longer needs feeding all night, just a late feed and then a bottle as early as possible, which I usually give her. And yesterday Jane took Sooty out for a little walk on the grass and she sniffed it then tasted a few blades of grass. Jane adores Sooty and the lamb is very attached to her, bleating when she sees her and waggling her tail furiously at the sight of the bottle.
Then I told Jane about Martin’s moans and we hatched a plan to make today a bit special. I said we’d do it to put Martin in a good mood, but really it’s for Jane. I’ll do anything to keep her cheerful and give her hope. Then I sent her off to feed Sooty and I fed the hens and collected the first egg of the day.


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