Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Saturday, May 31 – Fair shares
I wouldn’t let Martin go into the village again today, even though we could do with some vegetables from the barter market at the pub. But Gail said Tony was going anyway with Brad and Flyn, so they could fetch our supplies, in return for some duck, rabbit or venison the next time Martin is able to go out with his gun.
They didn’t come back till early afternoon and when Tony came up to see us he was empty handed and apologetic. He hadn’t been able to get supplies for us or for his own family. The new arrivals have taken it all. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but he said it was chaotic. They may have been comatose yesterday, but they were fully awake today and as the local growers and the farm butcher started setting up at the pub, they just launched themselves at the goods and took it all. Tony thinks the farmers won’t dare to come back while the encampment continues and the arrivals have also taken over the pub and Mick has moved into the vicarage. That will be a culture shock for him I said, but it was the only moment of amusement in Tony’s account of the situation.
We’re all shocked at the change in circumstances these badly behaved people have brought on our village. Up to now, through all these months, we have been civil and decent, sharing what we have and ensuring that no one really suffered. But now, without any sense of fairness, we will all be worse off. No one will dare to go into the village to exchange surplus produce.
Tony said that there are other signs too of how inconsiderate they are being. Any wooden fence fronting the road is theirs for the taking, back gardens are being raided for vegetables and eggs and most villagers are learning not to answer a knock at the door. Thank goodness we’re tucked away here, I said. But Tony said we shouldn’t count on it. They’ll start searching further afield soon, he said. The only good piece of news he brought us was the rumour that rations are being increased and there should be a delivery early next week. Let’s hope they bring some potatoes, I said.


8 thoughts on “Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

  1. ‘Badly behaved’? ‘Inconsiderate’? Get a grip woman! They is a threat to all you hold dear! …And you not even met the zombies yet! The Kittens is firing up The Destroyer of Worlds. Hold on, we be there in a couple of months – if the Wey Navigation are deep enough!

    • Tharrull do for Ferdy’s Cierva autogyro, burr it’s not much cop inna scrap. Polly reports they’s gorra bit lost over the M25. She dunner really do South. We tryin to do a deal wi’ Rotskagg Blenkinsopp for a loan of Queen Anne’s Bounty. It are a dead big airship wi’ cannons an rocket launchers an a hangar for Polly’s Ratas!

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