Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Sunday, June 1 – Rabble rousing

I badly wanted to go to church this morning, but I wasn’t sure about going without Martin and Stephen. It sounds utterly stupid to be afraid of walking through my own village, where I have safely walked at all times of day and night for years, but now I am truly nervous. I used to be scared of the traffic, not the people, but now I just don’t feel safe and I’m beginning to think that for once I want the men to be foolhardy and rally themselves. It’s ridiculous letting a rabble of only a couple of hundred rowdies take over a village of two thousand.
I talked to Martin about it after breakfast. He nearly choked on his tea and said he didn’t think I’d want him anywhere near the troublemakers. But if we don’t do something, I said, they will squander the supplies when they arrive, as well as the produce they filched at the weekend. Don’t tell me they can eat all that meat and vegetables. It will be going to waste as they won’t be able to cook it all before it goes off. We can’t have that happening from now until things get back to normal. If they ever do, Martin added.
But he promised to talk to Tony and Neil and our other near neighbours. So I went about my usual jobs feeling a little relieved that we might be able to address the situation. Jane and I managed a big wash yesterday and it finished drying today as it is sunny with a little breeze. Then Jane took Sooty off for some exercise and when Neil saw her he said if she continues to grow like this she’ll be able to join the flock in two or three weeks. Jane is still shutting her up in the goose house at night and barricading the bolted door with a wheelbarrow, but on fine days like today Sooty plays on the grass and then falls asleep in the sunshine.
The broody hen is continuing to sit, but I make her leave the nest once a day so I can check for newly laid eggs. There were four today so she is sitting on five which I feel is enough to spare.


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