Powerless – The Year the Lights Went Out

Monday, June 2 – As the crow flies

I slept badly last night, waking at every little creak of this old house then worrying about what might be happening in the village. So this morning Martin spoke to Neil and Tony and I think they might have an idea. Neil asked how much petrol we still had and then asked the others to walk the fields today and keep watch tonight if he doesn’t make it back. I don’t know what he’s up to, but I think he’s got a plan.
I’ve tried to distract myself with normal chores and gardening, but even that doesn’t stop me feeling we are living in difficult times. I went to check on my delphiniums and found a dead snake on the lawn. I expect it had been plucked from one of the ponds by a heron, then dropped when it was disturbed. But it was about a yard long and was partially eaten by a crow which flapped away on its huge black wings when I approached. I lifted the snake with a garden fork and threw it into the ditch.
Seeing the crow reminded me of the one that had pecked the poor little abandoned lamb’s head so I went round to see how she was today. The injury on her head has completely healed and she is always eager for another bottle, butting our hands when we approach with her feed and waggling her tail furiously. Jane found her following at heel into the house today, just like an obedient puppy.
And then I found a crow trapped in the hen run with the hens and cockerel squawking at it madly. I shooed it out with the spade I use to dig the run for worms and it found its way out. I hope it doesn’t make a habit of diving in when the chicks hatch or they won’t have a chance. There were four fresh eggs today laid in another nest, well away from the bad-tempered broody.


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